"You are such an effective voice in my heart and spirit. I am in a positive realm because of your guidance." J.P.
"I've been listening to your podcasts. You are so freaking, like WOW! No words to describe how spiritually in-tune you are." L.B.
“Mikela taught me vulnerability and how to see yourself in others, how to have peaceful relationships, and to love, accept, know, and forgive yourself. We all need a guide for our spiritual life without it being a religion, but a freedom in finding our own way and purpose in life.” L.S.
Mikela makes her own practice a priority which is not only inspiring, but allows her to operate from a space of intuition and transparency.” A.P.
"Mikela's strong educational base is amplified by her passion to help others.  Her powerful desire to convey her knowledge into a process to help those in need matches her compassion for her fellow human beings.  Her skill at personal interaction invites you to communicate, opening doors to new ideas and ways of thinking that can help provide an effective course of action, producing positive results." A.B. 
“I recommend working with Mikela because of the space she opened for me to confidently talk to her about things that I don’t share with most people. I never felt rushed or judged in our communication.” C.G
"Mikela has a special way about her that is inviting, nurturing and positive.  I opened up to her naturally, and felt a sense of comfort in our very first meeting.  She is fun, imaginative, creative and outgoing with her techniques. Her true understanding of human psychology, spirituality, devotion to nature, and her love for yoga create a unique balance full of wisdom, making her powerful in her practice.  I am constantly impressed with her wide range of knowledge.
She goes beyond the call of duty to understand, treating every case differently so you always feel supported.  Her words of encouragement, wisdom, and correction are always delivered in love.
Mikela has helped me work on my fear and anxiety, giving me the knowledge to recognize those feelings and manage them in a healthy way.  She has helped me find new ways to love and show compassion while liberating the causes of disturbance in the mind allowing me to access inner peace. She has taught me how to stop looking back, making excuses, and to take ownership over my life.  My confidence and self-esteem continue to improve as I live my life with peace and acceptance. She has been a positive influence on my spiritual journey, guiding me in changing my perspectives, managing my fear, self-doubt, and negative emotions, and in gaining clarity bringing peace and love to my life and relationships.  She has helped me separate myself from the emotional state of ego, allowing a sense of freedom.  She is natural teacher, and a healer of the mind and soul, which shines through her coaching.  Her focus is to guide you to a free place, fulfilling your life’s purpose and desire, becoming everything you were created to be." S.K. 
“You saved my life— I’ve always been the light-bearer and you became that for me during a pivotal moment both personally and professionally. Never doubt your ability to move mountains. You moved mine.” V.T.
“I knew that I was going into a situation for growth, but the amount of growth that was had I never could have imagined. I am inspired and on a new path.” A.P.

"Mikela's intuitive nature, along with her exceptional ability to make simple and practical suggestions that can be put into action, made all the difference to me in my transition.  After a 30 year marriage I felt lost.  I was lost in the past and had a tremendous fear of the future.  Mikela's suggestions through our sessions and the exercises she gave me for my time between sessions helped me focus on the present. She was the biggest positive force in my adjustment to a new life." B.M. 

“You are such an inspiration to me. Your insight into people is just phenomenal. I know now that I am here for a greater purpose.” P.S.

“Mikela is all about the spiritual element and is educated in how we function. The combination of her psychological and spiritual knowledge makes her coaching very practical.” L.M.

Through Mikela’s 90-Day Program I was compelled to use a magnifying glass and analyze many aspects of my life, from personal actions and values to my environment. I feel like mindfulness is starting to play a big role in my life as I pay more attention to my thoughts, patterns, reactions, and other areas of my life.” C.G.

“You actually guide and teach people HOW to live a vulnerable life. The application of how living vulnerably leads to strength for the many who allow fear-based thinking and their unwillingness to connect block their growth.” V.T.

“I’m learning so much and have never felt more at peace than I do now!” S.D.

“After Mikela’s literally powerful words I feel super excited to find and practice peace in my life experience!” L.S.

“I love everything you post! Please keep it up!” B.C.

“Mikela spurs the group to think outside the box. She helps us discover the blocks and obstacles that keep us from overcoming the ego-mind. I experienced several breakthroughs that I am certain will benefit me on my path toward consciousness. I want more!” B.M

“I love working with Mikela because I feel comfortable being able to relate. Her approach is very unique, where typical therapy tends to be boring.” A.P.

“You are affecting lives all day, every day and I just want you to know I will never forget what you did for me. You have no idea. Thank you for being a woman of integrity and worth and reminding me you can never bend those and still be whole. You always have me in your corner because I see you in mine every day. Thank you Mikela.” V.T.

Mikela works to improve our daily experience. Challenging her clients, she really puts us to-the-task. She’s not by-the-book. And she fully invests herself.” B.M.

“Mikela has helped me create a lifestyle of spirituality rather than a diet. She is an excellent source of Truth, providing guidance and wisdom without judgement.” M.B.

“Mikela has expanded my spiritual experience, creating a richer life. She provides alternative perceptions and provides a solid foundation for my evolution.” L.M.

“Working with Mikela expect a lot of questioning who you are and your environment, deep introspection, and mindful living!” C.G.

“Mikela taught me to forget about time and start noticing that life is only in the NOW. And that in the now, there is no pain, no stress, and no worries—only beauty and the projection of life/God.” L.S.

“Working with Mikela I feel empowered to maneuver spiritually. I not only have many more tools now available to me, I also know which ones to use and when.” A.P.

"Your nonjudgemental way allowed me to open up. I didn’t realize how often I deviate from the present moment and how I live in a state of fear. Working with you I learned to step out of my comfort zone and to have faith. Your honesty and knowledge guided me in truly showing up in my relationships with others and Source as this helps me along my journey.” M.B.

“Mikela’s programs taught me to practice being in the now/focus on being in the present moment. I found where the beauty of life is and to be connected with the essence of me.” L.S.

Working with Mikela allowed me to cultivate self-awareness. Evaluating ideas, thoughts, relationships, patterns, etc. and figuring out if they have a positive or negative effect on my life. I learned to identify and get rid of patterns that are no longer serving me.” C.G.